Exit Avenue is a team of marketers, lawyers, and accountants that will help you:
  •      Find that business you want to buy, or
  •      Sell your business on the market.
When we sell your business, we will go directly to the buyers for your type of business.
For Buyers:
  • We review the financials of the business, market moat and competitors, assist in long range viability assessments.
  • We find you the business that you are looking to purchase.

For Business Owners and Sellers:
Exit Avenue offers a strategy for determining when you want to sell your business, on your terms.
The Exit Avenue team can create a plan for you to prepare your financial reports, update or enhance your market image and presence, and find buyers for you.

Sellers, are you…

  • Thinking about retiring?
  • Considering selling your business?
  • Desiring to create a succession plan?
  • Exit Avenue will help you sell your business or develop a succession a plan for your business. We will help you evaluate your business and its value. We’ll help you increase the marketability of your business.
  • Then we’ll help you sell your business and find potential buyers.
  • Our team includes, CPA’s, appraisers, marketing advisers, and attorneys.
Exit Avenue is the nexus for buyers and sellers of businesses. We unite businesses for sell with purchasers. We have investors that will purchase your business. We offer the opportunity to list your business in the market for potential purchasers.
We have experience selling and marketing.
The owners and staff of Exit Avenue have created Letters of Intent, Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Succession Plans, marketing formulas, due diligence process, and more. We’ve helped clients like you sell and buy businesses.
Let’s get started on your next venture.
Call Exit Avenue to begin your Exit Strategy. Our Contact is:
336.555.5555  or info@exitavenue.com