When Mr. S decided it was time to retire after suffering a hospitalization, he looked to the Exit Avenue team to determine whether to sell his share in the business on the market or to the remaining shareholders. We assisted in valuing the business interest, working out a purchase price, stock purchase agreement, and payment plan. Now S spends time on long trips with spouse and pursuing his hobbies without worrying about loan repayments and employment issues.
And the buyer? He’s taken the business to new heights, doubling the revenues in less than five years.

A¬†Shoeman had a longtime, well loved business, but decided it was time to retire. His plan was to sell his equipment and close shop. After talking with our team members, he was encouraged to try and sell his business. It worked. We helped with the sale of his business and his “baby” lives on with a new owner. Plus he sold for more than 5 times what he would have received if he sold just his assets. Now he enjoys retirement and collects his regular payments.